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We appreciate you and want to support you so that you are equipped to pursue your dreams. We strive to help you take the fear out of success and to operate in unity within groups and organizations.  Through using the Life Coach you can speak one on one and gain skills and techniques to step out and be the successful person that you were meant to be.

We provide life coach sessions for individuals and clinical skill building for counselors, team building activities for corporate, private and non-profit agencies, motivational speaking, program enhancement training and CPR/First Aid training.


We encourage those who want to become counselors and provide supervision training to fulfill the hours needed to obtain a Certified Substance Abuse Counselor certificate with the Virginia Board of Counseling.



We save you the travel by coming to meet you at your place of business or at a specified location of your choice.






Persons With Mental Health Needs

We provide individual and group counseling for those with mental health needs. We accept self and court referrals.  Ages 10 to 80+


SAP Evaluations

The return to duty process is required for all employees following a DOT testing violation. We serve employees under all modes of the DOT. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.  

Persons With Substance Abuse Needs - ASAP PROVIDER

We provide individual and group counseling online and at our office for persons ages 12 and up who are mandated by the courts, fulfilling ASAP requirements or simply in need of consistent counseling to address concerns of drugs and alcohol and maintaining sobriety.  We also provide counseling to family members of those with addiction issues.  We accept Virginia ASAP, self and court referrals.









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