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A sister, a daughter, a son, a friend, All use the phrase and say “Mommy When”. There’s so much to see, so many don’ts and does. You can use this book and show your child what to use. From reading and writing and counting at best, To shoes and teeth and cleaning and pets. Help your child read from beginning to end To help with the question and phrase, “Mommy When”. Written and inspired from an actual question that arose when the author was a four year old child sitting on her front steps holding a book. Her mother came out and was standing behind her looking over her shoulder and asked, “What are you doing?” Nicole replied, “Mommy when will I learn how to read?” Throughout the years many more “Mommy when will I …” questions came about and many techniques and skills were built and developed in the young mind of the author. This is an amazing picture book with lifelike images and rhymes that help a child’s imagination become a reality. The characters are from different races and backgrounds to help children learn unity. The book is designed to encourage children to read and to become empowered to practice new skills independently. It can also be read by big brothers and big sisters to their younger siblings to help with modeling of behaviors and bonding. Be the first to share this book with your child and watch the monumental progress that will arise when they make goals and achieve them with pride.

Mommy When, Children's Book

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